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Kitchen Towel Holder Crochet Pattern

Kitchen towel hanger is a great option for a gift not matter if it is for Mother's day, birthdays, Christmas or housewarming occasions. These are easy and yet charming piece that will elevate your kitchen's decoration. 

The best thing is, it does not take long to be ready. You can make this project is less than an hour. That makes it perfect for that last minute gift that your forgot to grab at the store. It does not take a lot of yarn or other material and the finish piece is very cute. 

I came up with this design as a gift for my cousin that loves to cook and also decorate her house for the Holidays. I made her a green one to use on Christmas season and she loved it! So I decided why not, share this cute step by step and help to make other people happy.

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* You may sell physical items completed using this pattern as long as you credit Craft Cozy Designs. You may not sell this written pattern or use my photos without my consent. When it is possible, link back to the pattern.

Yarn selection

You can use any yarn you would like to. But since this project is for a holder that will to hold some weight, I would suggest a yarn with less elasticity such as the 100% cotton yarn. 

Crochet Stitches and Terminology

To complete this project, you need to know some basic crochet stitches. This pattern was written in US terminology and below you can find a list of stitches we will use.

  • sk = skip
  • sl st​ = slip stitch
  • ch = Chain
  • dc​ = double crochet
  • st = stitch
  • rep​ = repeat
  • sc = single crochet

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Crochet Hanging Towel Pattern Notes

1) The (*) shows you from where in the pattern you should start the repeat for the rest of the row of through where the pattern indicates. 

List of Materials

  • Worsted weight yarn - I used Peaches and Cream 100% cotton.
  • 5 mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • 3" Metal Ring
  • 1 button


Start with sl knot and ch 24.

Join with sl st on the very first st. (Make sure it is not twisted).

Round 1: Ch 1 (not a sc), work 1 sc on each ch, sl st on 1st st. (24)

Round 2 (BLO): Ch 1 (not a sc), work 1 sc on each st, sl st on 1st st. (24)

Round 3 (BLO): Ch 1 (not a sc), sc on 1st st, 2 hdc on next st. *sc on the next, 2 hdc on next st * rep. Sl st on top of 1st sc. (36)

Round 4 (BLO): Ch 1 (not a sc), work 1 sc on each st, sl st on 1st st. (36)

Round 5 (BLO): Repeat round 4. (36)

Round 6 (BLO): Ch 2 (not a dc), work 1 dc on each st, sl st on 1st dc. (36)

Round 7: For the round 7 we will work on the 3rd loop. The 3rd loop is the one in the back when you fold the top of the row down.

Ch 2 (not a dc), work 1 dc on each ch, sl st on 1st st. (36)

Round 8 (BLO): Ch 2 (not a dc), work 1 dc on each st, sl st on 1st dc. (36)

Round 9: Ch 1 (not a sc), work 1 sc on 1st st, ch 5, sk 2 st, sc on the next st, *ch 5, sk 2, sc on the next st* rep. around. Once you get to the end, sl st on the top of 1st sc.

Round 10: Sl st 3 times (to get to the center of the 1st set of 5 ch).

* Inside the next set of 5 ch place: (4 dc, picot st, 4 dc), sl st on the 3rd ch in the next set of 5 ch * rep. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

Working on the top part of the tower hanger

Row 1: Lay down the towel hanger flat on a surface. As shown in the picture 1. Center the seam in the back of your project for a neat look. Attach your yarn and close the top of your piece working 11 sc. (Make sure to insert the hook inside both stiches: front and back).

CH 1 and turn.

Row 2: Work 1 sc on each st. Ch 1 and turn. (11)

Row 3 - Row 27: Repeat Row 2

Row 28: Sc on next 4 st, ch 3, sk 3, sc on next 4 sc, ch 1 and turn. (11)

Row 29 - 32: Work 1 sc on each st. (11)

Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

How to apply the button

Fold down the top part of the hanger. Please refer to the picture below.

Sew the button on the back part of the panel.

Crochet towel hanger

And you are done!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. If you end up making this project, please tag me on my Instagram @craftcozydesigns. I would love to see your work.